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The term refers to a set of specific hand and machine sewing and pressing techniques that are unique to the construction of traditional jackets. Retailers of tailored suits often take their services internationally.

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Buttons, threads, and monogramming are just a few of the options we offer to meet your unique clothing tastes. Whether you want your suit...

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We provide various tailoring services with...

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Echoes of old world craftsmanship and the skill of true master tailors are found in every garment we make. John H. Daniel custom clothing is made...

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David and Dave are a DYNAMIC DUO at Davelle Clothiers – a father and son business. Upon entering their store, you are engulfed with merchandise of quality and style with an ambiance that screams a high standard (reminds me of my Jaguar XK). They are a model of what customer service is supposed to be; something that is rare today. They show genuine concern and interest in your concern and interest which speaks to unparallel customer service and satisfaction. I often say that “a happy customer is a repeat customer” and so I keep returning to Davelle Clothiers, why, because David and Dave always strive to go above and beyond just to satisfy you and me. They put you and me first which is why they are the top men’s clothier in the DMV area, hands-down. Simply put, they aim to pIease, not to just make a sale.
And so, I challenge you to visit Davelle Clothiers today and tell them that KG sent you!
By the way, if you happen to show up during one of those times when David or Dave is lecturing on how to coordinate different fabrics, styles, colors, patterns, etc. to enhance your outfit and to show how it will look on you, it will forever change your mind-set on how to create the best look on you.


"I have always considered David Eisele to be something more than a master tailor.  To me, he is an artist. My body is the canvas, his fabric is the paint, and he always creates a masterpiece.  No one has ever fit me the way that he has.  I receive compliments on my suits and sports jackets just about every time I wear them.  Thank you, David.  You really make me look good.  I am your customer for life!"

Gerson E. Kuhr

I’ve been shopping for all my men’s wear from Davelle Clothiers for over three years. These guys are the very best! They only offer the highest quality, latest in men’s fashion and style, and the highest standards. All this while providing the most friendly and personalized service. Every time I visit the store, it’s a fantastic experience!

Paul Hossenlopp

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11921 Freedom Dr.
Suite 100 Reston, VA 20190
Monday – Saturday: 10am – 6pm
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11921 Freedom Dr. Suite 100 Reston, VA 20190 | 703.904.0011

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