Why We Love a Well Dressed Man, Leading Ladies Tell All

Why We Love a Well Dressed Man, Leading Ladies Tell All

Recently, at an Oscar Winners Award’s Ceremony, it was proclaimed that if you want to be a leading man, you have to dress like one. Hollywood got that right.  Dressing like a leading man isn’t just for actors, though. Any man desiring to be a leader in his personal and professional life needs to know how to dress the part.

We recently surveyed leading ladies around the DMV as to why they love a well-dressed, well-groomed man.  Here’s what they told us:

Adrienne DeWildeFashion Blogger for Infinitely Fashionate “I appreciate when a man takes the time to look pulled together and clean. He doesn’t have to be straight out of a catalog or fresh off the runway – just a simple pair of well-fitted pants (whether it be jeans or slacks) and a nice button down or polo shirt does the trick! It’s all about the fit and colors that compliment you well. Pair it with a fresh, modern pair of shoes and you’re good to go!”

Waikeena RobinsonOwner, Jolie Modeling Agency “It’s a turn-on as a woman to see a well-dressed and well-groomed man who is not afraid of color and style.  You’re not afraid to take him out in public. A little bit of swag doesn’t hurt as well.”

Stacy Brooks, Blogger, Founder of Virginia Wine Know  “To me, a man who is well groomed exhibits a sense of self-confidence and pride that really cannot be expressed in many other ways. It’s not what you wear, but how you wear it. It’s the smartest way to exude confidence, especially in the workplace.”

Kara Allen, Wardrobe Stylist, Personal Shopper and Makeup Artist  “Women love a well-dressed man for many reasons, but one big one is confidence. Confidence is sexy. Women love a man who is confident, sexy, and who presents himself well because it shows he cares about his appearance.  His dress and style show he is comfortable with himself and his manhood.”

Michelle Huntemann Expert Hair Stylist and Styling Educator “There’s a reason ZZ Top sings, “Women go crazy about a sharp-dressed man!”

Whether a man is on the way up or at the pinnacle of his career, a neat, well-groomed appearance will stand out among the crowds. Dressing like the leading man in your own life will move you forward, not hold you back, no matter what you aspire to. Let Davelle Clothiers help you be that sharp-dressed man. Make an appointment now to be the award winner in your own life.




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