What to Wear on Vacation, or How to Look Sharp on a Gondola

What to Wear on Vacation, or How to Look Sharp on a Gondola

In my last post I shared a letter from a customer of mine, along with some vacation photos taken in Italy, in which he’s wearing clothing from Davelle Clothiers. I don’t know which is more breathtaking, the Amalfi Coast or my client in his black and white sport coat and white slacks, looking like a million bucks.

Vacation time is a time to relax, and when you pack the right clothing, you won’t have to worry whether you’re dressed inappropriately. Style and comfort can co-exist. Here are some tips for looking sensational and feeling comfortable on vacation:

Vacationing in the United States

What to pack:
One or (better yet) two sports coats. Choose a cool cotton blend or linen. Wear one during the day with dark wash jeans, and at night with slacks.

Besides pulling together your outfit, a sports coat is utilitarian: pack your cell phone, wallet, and airline ticket in the pockets and carry it on the plane. If the a/c on the flight is turned up, you know you won’t freeze.

Light colored slacks. Dress them up or down, they’re cool and look great paired with a pastel colored polo or navy blazer. Again, cotton or linen is the way to go. Pack dark slacks too, but don’t forget the white, cream or sand for a fashionable alternative.

Anything in linen. I just can’t say enough about linen fabric, it’s synonymous with summer. Unlike the other items in your suitcase, linen looks better the more it wrinkles because it takes on a soft look I call “wrinkle Nirvana”. Linen is fashionable, breathable, and very European. Speaking of which…

Comfortable shoes

Tennis shoes are fine for daytime sightseeing or at the ocean, as long as they’re in great condition (leave the gym shoes at home please!). For evening, I recommend a slip-on, which work with any outfit. We have a fabulous new Bruno Magli slip-on in soft Napa leather called Raging that are to-die for. One customer with extremely hard-to-fit feet fell in love with these shoes and is a happier man for it. Also check out our line of Bacco Bucci® shoes. Try them with men’s footie socks for a cool casual look.

Regarding sandals, I personally dislike the look, but if you must succumb, for goodness sake don’t wear socks!

European Holiday

While Europeans do like to go casual, and they also inject a joyous, urban twist on casual wear. Think sherbet colors like sea foam green, pale yellow and raspberry in fabrics like chic linen, buttery soft cottons, silks and ultra-soft and light cashmeres.

Follow my packing advice above, but remember: when dining or cruising in Europe, leave the jeans at the hotel, and dress for dinner. Your companion will appreciate your classy appearance, and you’ll feel comfortable and style-appropriate.

Going on vacation with your Davelle wardrobe? Be sure to take photos and send them to us!

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