The Design Details Behind David’s Allen Edmond’s Shoes

Last week we announced our exciting news, that David’s shoe designs for Allen Edmonds arrived in the store.  We’ve been getting a great reaction to these designs,

David, who is a Certified Master Designer awarded by the Custom Tailors and Designers Association, created his shoes with comfort and style in mind, selecting soft, supple Italian leather.  These shoe’s are made in America, as are all of David’s designs.

The three shoes range from dressy to dressy casual to casual.  First, the black shoes are to show everyone you mean business!  Wear these stylish shoes with crocodile accents with your in your grey, black or blue suits and stand apart from the crowd.

Next, the grey pair was selected to feature an interesting shade of grey, something a bit different from what’s out there.  This unique granite grey shoe can be worn with slacks and a sports coat and then transition to dressy casual by pairing with jeans and a jacket.  This makes this shoe as versatile as it is comfortable.

Finally, the dark chocolate boot is perfect for after work and all weekend long.  Pair with jeans and a sweater or button under shirt and you will look comfortable but still polished and well put together.

Since these shoes carry the Allen Edmonds label, you know they have undergone the 212 steps that goes into crafting every pair of shoes they manufacture.  And, we share the same values in believing in “Made in the USA”.  What more could you ask for- David’s style with the unparalleled quality of Allen Edmonds- what a great pairing!

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