Your Stylist’s Secrets Revealed, Case Study in Ectomorphs

So, you’ve established that you want to invest in your style, but what is the first step?  Getting to know your body type will help to ensure a fit that is comfortable, shows you off, and capitalizes on that investment.

There are 3 core body types and not everyone will fit into one category entirely.  We went directly to the source, our stylist staff to get some of their expert tips of the trade.

Meet senior stylist, Dan Fox.  “Tall, thin, and difficult to gain weight. Sounds like a great problem to have right? Well when it comes to finding clothes that fit, be careful what you wish for”, says Dan who is an ectomorph body type.  “Finding a 40XL suit or a 15 37/38 dress shirt is challenging, and that is putting it lightly”.

The ectomorph body shape is characterized by its tall and lean features.  This body type generally has smaller shoulders, a flatter chest, and leaner muscle mass.

When purchasing a suit, there are some specific cues to follow for the ectomorph body shape.  First, it is important to broaden the shoulders so as not to accentuate the disproportionate width to height ratio.   Patterns such as narrow stripes should be avoided on this body shape as they add length to overall look.  Instead, our senior stylist turns to texturized patterns like nails head fabrics (fabrics that contain small dots upon a darker background), herringbone patterns and subtle plaids help to create a broadening look.

Semi-spread collar shirts paired with larger tie knots and geometric patterned ties look most flattering on the ectomorph’s long and learn face shape and also give the illusion of a wider shoulder by drawing the eye horizontally.

For a striking ectomorph look (shown above) Dan pairs a window pane plaid (a pattern that resembles the pattern of panes on a window) with an Eton high boy collared shirt.

Find your perfect look no matter what your body type.  Stay tuned for additional stylists secrets revealed or make an appointment to come in and see us.



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