Robert Graham- Get Ready for the Holidays with our Exclusive Event!

davelle-20141019-010-webThis weekend we are having a very special Robert Graham event– please join us Friday and Saturday from 11-7!  This event features the new holiday collection, including MANY exclusive, one-of-a-kind items you can’t find anywhere else.

We have been carrying Robert Graham for about a year and a half, and we are finding their unique collectors’ garments are a great way to get professional gentlemen to start looking their best beyond the suits they wear.

If you’re still focusing only on your business attire, then let us show you the difference a few small changes can make.  With power casual clothing you will ensure you are polished and put together for every occasion.

We have seen more gentlemen try to improve their presence outside the office by joining in the trend of jeans and a blazer.  But their execution is all wrong- the jeans are way too loose and not flattering, and the shirt has no personality at all.

RG_F2014_48While this is an improvement over just jeans and a t-shirt, overall you still aren’t making an impression.  We’ll help you find the right fit of jeans, a tailored shirt with style that fits your personality, and a versatile, stylish blazer that you will wear constantly.

And speaking of jeans, we have an amazing offer for this event- get a FREE pair of jeans!  This is your opportunity to get into the right pair of jeans.  If you are guilty of wearing jeans that are too big and loose, then let’s get you into a pair that is comfortable, but flattering.

The right fitting jeans will address one of the biggest complaints we hear from women, the “baggy jean syndrome”.  We recently worked with a gentleman who transformed his look with the right fitting jeans and a tailored shirt- his girlfriend was ecstatic!  Some simple changes was all it took.

If you don’t realize how the right fit of jeans will change the way you feel about yourself, then try on a few pairs of our jeans and you will instantly be convinced.  When you start buying jeans that fit properly, you will find your entire wardrobe is transformed.

RG_F2014_56So if you are ready to move from sloppy to sharp, we’ll help you start building your power casual wardrobe.  A great pair of jeans, a few exceptional shirts, and a blazer are a great start and will serve as the building blocks.  And Robert Graham is the perfect designer to work with as you create a long lasting wardrobe.  As always, a few high quality, perfectly fitting pieces will serve you well.  In sum- buy less but buy better!

Whether or not you are new to power casual, this event is also the perfect time to get the perfect gift for the perfect man.  Click here for all the full details, including more great special gifts with purchase!


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