It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye

davelle-009Since our big announcement in April, we’ve been hearing from customers old and new, from near and far. It’s been a mixed reaction to the news that we’re opening a new store this summer.

We’ve gotten excited congratulations all around, along with a lot of sadness over saying goodbye to the current store.

I feel the same way- it is hard to leave this location! Over the years we have painstakingly attended to each and every detail from floor to ceiling to create such a wonderful place to shop.  It is my home away from home and my intent was to create the same feeling for all our clients.

We have spent countless hours one on one with our clients, talking, and laughing. I’ve come to call many clients among my closest friends.

I think it is the enthusiasm for the new store that has allowed me to think about moving on from this store. I have been imagining and dreaming for years, and now I am able to put my vision in to action. I think as clients learn more about the new store and see it come to life, it will make more sense and be easier to also look ahead.

We’re humbled by the expressions of attachment to the store. That is our intention, to build a place that creates a strong sense of belonging.

With the new store, we will take that to an even higher level. The entire concept of the store is built around a sense of community. The interactive design studio space gives more room to discuss your personal presentation, with enhanced ability to present garments and outfit for both custom and off the rack.

We will also feature a relationship bar with refreshments so you can better relax and talk.

The store has won so many accolades and been our home for in the current location for 15 years. It IS so hard to say goodbye! But as the landscape of retail has changed, we need to change too. Our goal is to always stay ahead of the curve and the new location will allow us to do that in a dramatic way.

Thank you for all your feedback, and we will continue to show you the new store as it unfolds!



11921 Freedom Dr. Suite 100 Reston, VA 20190 | 703.904.0011

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