Inspired in a Second

Some of you know about my recent health issues that ultimately led me into a local neurosurgeon’s office.  Needless to say, I was feeling extremely apprehensive and nervous.  I’m sure you would agree there are few things in life more unsettling than being diagnosed with a serious, if not potentially life threatening problem.

davelle-20140921-054-webAnd given that the issue was a brain clot, I was particularly nervous.  Brain surgery is certainly a daunting proposition.  I walked into the neurosurgeons office with these feelings weighing heavily on me.

In this moment I wasn’t a designer clothing store owner of twenty plus years, or a menswear designer.  I was just a patient with a lot of questions and concerns.  When I met my surgeon for the first time I found myself face to face with a gentleman who was immaculately dressed from head to toe.  A perfectly tailored suit, along with a beautiful and distinctive shirt, shoes and accessories.

I instantly felt a level of peace wash over me.  The confidence, the competence, the supreme care and attention to every detail of his attire told me this was someone who knows what he is doing.

davelle-20140921-029-webHe exuded skill, poise and discipline.  He understood what I have said my whole career- when you present yourself with confidence, people will simply feel like they can trust you.  Although I have lived by this philosophy my whole career, this experience as a worried patient placing myself (literally) in the hands of someone else, it rang true in a personal way like never before.

And with my assurance in him firmly established in that first impression, the rest all fell into place.  He was an excellent surgeon, living up to his first impression in every way, and I’m happy to say everything was a success.

You might think it is obvious for a neurosurgeon to take this approach. And perhaps you think, who better to afford to dress this way?  But regardless of your job, you interact with others in nonverbal ways all day long, every day.

davelle-20140921-062-webIf you had the same approach and invested in looking your best, imagine the impression that would make and the results you would achieve.  And fortunately, I am healthy enough to be around to help you do it!  I hope to see you soon.


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