How to incorporate spring’s style trends wisely

As the weather warms up, clients who visit the store ask me what styles and colors are “must-haves” this spring season. I almost hesitate to answer because trends will come and go, but real style is timeless. My philosophy is to consider the trends when making your clothing choices, but never let what’s “in” overtake what works for your body and your lifestyle.

The best strategy is to introduce new style elements only if they compliment you in every sense, while maintaining the classic components that flatter you most.

I’ll give you several examples to illustrate.

Let’s start with color. This spring we’re seeing suits and slacks in soft gray, taupe and slate, accompanied by shirts and ties in pastel hues. But if you’re fair in complexion, head to toe light gray or taupe may leave you looking washed out.  Instead of feeling like you’re emulating a head-to-toe Easter egg, try pairing a pale shirt and coordinating pastel tie with a navy or black suit. The result is striking, and your features won’t get lost in the lighter tones.

Next, Let’s look at spring’s new slim lapels. The models in Details Magazine may be sporting 2 ¾ inch lapels, but a man with a 44 inch chest can’t pull off this look, nor should he feel that he has to try. Davelle’s wardrobe consultants can show you how to incorporate the slim-lapel trend by choosing a slimmer tie or strategically tailored shirt so you look stylish and proportioned.

Looking well-dressed is more about investing in good quality and fit than becoming a slave to GQ. Choose versatile clothing staples that you can accessorize in a variety of ways to personalize your look and remain current.  If you aren’t sure where to begin, schedule an appointment with myself or one of my expert wardrobe consultants. We’re here to help you look amazing.

David Eisele, Sr.

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