How to Choose the Right Tie Color

When shopping for ties at my store, you may be awe-struck at the color selection. We have ties to match your shirt, your eyes, your partner’s eyes… if it’s somewhere on the color wheel, you’ll find the right shade, in the perfect pattern to suit any occasion. We even arrange our ties by color family to make matching to your shirt, jacket (or your eyes!) a breeze.

If all these color choices confound you, fear not. Here’s what you need to know about tie color:

Your basic, standard conservative colors are red, yellow, blue and sometimes apple green so if you’re dressing for a job interview, you can’t go wrong with one of these. Every man should have at least one of these “go to” colors in his tie wardrobe.

Deep, rich colors look more expensive and are generally more authoritative. Attorneys and CEOs take note! Think chocolate brown, garnet or midnight blue.

Pink, purple, orange or sprout green should be worn with limited pattern designs. The effect you want is “I can think outside the box,” not “I’m a stand-up comic in my spare time.”

Follow my tips and your tie will always be in perfect harmony with your suit and your image!

(See our Tie page to learn why you should know how to tie more than one tie knot!)

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