For the Man Who Demands Perfection in a Suit: Kirgyz White and David’s Signature

For the connoisseur, only the finest will do: Lamborghini, Dom Perignon, and the South of France. In the world of fine custom tailoring, there is fabric and there is Kirgyz White®. For the man who demands the quintessence of luxury, this rare, premium wool fits the bill. It is without a doubt the finest cloth I have ever come across.

Kirgyz White comes from the winter coat of the Kirghiz Echki shoat (part sheep, part goat). These magnificent creatures are raised by shepherds in the Celestial Mountains in the Naryn region of Kyrgyzstan. From May to November the shepherds drive their herds to different upland meadows between one and a half and two miles in altitude.




The Kirghiz Echki shoat gives wool that combines the softness of cashmere, the natural strength of sheep’s wool and the luster of mohair. This rare wonder is woven into wool fabric by Dormeiul in France, and enough wool is produced annually to make just five suits. Well worth the extraordinary effort, this fabric is extremely silky to the touch and feels marvelously sensual unlike any cloth that has ever caressed your skin.

Davelle can special order this fabric for you. First, you’ll first choose the color from our swatch book, and I will consult with you regarding the style of your new suit. I will then personally conduct your first fitting. Your David’s Signature suit is then hand cut and sewn by a master craftsman in New York or Italy; then it is returned to our Reston store for  your second fitting with me. I will conduct as many fittings as you require until your suit fits your form, as well as your exacting taste, to perfection.

The result will be a suit unlike any other you have or will ever encounter again.

If you’re interested in experiencing Kighiz White, please stop in at the store. I will be happy to share my swatch book with you.



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