Our Picks for Great Gifts- Ties

The holidays are the perfect occasion to give a tie as a special gift.  As we discussed last Father’s Day, the right tie will delight and honor your recipient.  The care you put into selecting the perfect choice will be evident to the recipient! Here are a few gift recommendations from the experts at Davelle Clothiers:

Brandolini Shirts for the Holidays!

With gift giving season upon us, we decided to do something special this year.  For the next six weeks we are giving gifts to you by featuring weekly special offers.  These holiday special offers afford you tremendous quality and value- gifts that never go out of style! We are kicking things off this week with

Who Wears the Pants Around Here?

Don’t think trousers say much about a person?  Then consider what the axiom “who wears the pants” is really asking: who has the power? Don’t overlook this part of your wardrobe.  As always, quality over quantity is the answer. Quality in fit, style, coordination and construction- we will help you with all of these. The

Building the Right Wardrobe

We’ve got your closet clean now, right?  Either you have followed our advice and done it yourself, or have used our closet edit service.  Now what?  You don’t want to make the same mistakes and start filling your space with the wrong clothes. At Davelle Clothiers, you can be confident that won’t happen.  My Wardrobe Consultants have

Use the Experts to Tackle that Closet!

My last blog outlined how to tackle cleaning out your closet.  Right now is the time to do it, as our Trade-In Event continues through November 4th. Rather than do it yourself,  many of you need to save time and also want to work with an expert.  For you, we have just the thing- the

The 16th Annual Trade-In Trade Up Event!

Our two most popular events- the Investment Sale and the Trade-In Sale are longstanding Davelle Clothiers traditions that few other independent retailers offer their customers.  Both events are a special opportunity to upgrade your wardrobe to the best quality menswear. The trade in concept is not new,and these days you see a lot of trade

The Ins and Outs of Overcoats

You know you need the right suit and shoes to present your own unique style.  If you really understand the importance personal image, you pay attention to accessories such as pocket squares, cuff links, watches, socks and so on. Right now our new fall overcoats are arriving in the store.  So this is the perfect


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