Getting Married? What to Wear from Head to Toe

We love opening our email and finding letters like these!  If you are getting married, consider their experience and go with a custom suit, custom made dress shirt, and one of a kind tie and shoes for a complete ensemble that is perfect for your special day.

Dear David,

unnamedMichael & I wanted to thank you for being a such an intricate part of our son’s wedding. It started kind of like this… Nathan and I were at our whits end trying to figure out what he was going to wear for one of the biggest days of his life. I had mentioned you and Davelle Clothiers several times to him in passing but he wanted to try other places first. We drug him to the mall along with his grandmother, sister, and bride to be. This wasn’t a good idea. He became more frustrated by the moment.

One day, I came home from work and Nathan said to me, “I’m going to see David, do you want to come along?” I was so excited! It was like music to my ears and I was grinning from ear to ear. Upon arriving at Davelle’s it was not like anything I had expected. From the moment we walked in the door it was welcoming and inviting–not like your average men’s clothing store. Greeted by one of your sales associates, we told him we were just looking and asked for you. You were with another customer at that moment and we started to browse around.

You were so quick and astute to our situation. When we told you why we were there you told us this store was not like any other men’s shop! You were right! I thought we would walk in, find a suit on the rack and maybe have some alterations. I never expected a tailor made suit with a specialty tie where there was only one other of its kind! Not to mention the custom made shirt… Oh! and the perfect shoes to make the groom look fantastic! It was so far above our expectations and we were so delighted.

We were so blessed by the entire process and how you and your associates made us feel through the care and service you provided. You even went so far as to take care of the groomsmen with their rentals. And you coordinated this so beautifully with Nathan’s custom made suit. There weren’t any details left undone.

What had seemed to be taking us months to pull together ourselves, was completely taken care of in just a couple of hours spent with you at your store. We are so grateful and can’t thank you enough. Truly, God has blessed you with a very special talent and we are thankful that you have shared it with us!


Michael & Cheryl Palmer
Parents of the Groom

We are so delighted to impact this special day so positively. Best wishes for a lifetime of happiness to the bride and groom from all of us!

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