Fashionable vs Stylish – Which One Do You Want to Be?

“Fashion” and “style” – what do those two words mean to you?  Although they’re not mutually exclusive, they’re not the same, either. If you’re concerned that you keep spending money on new clothes but continue to feel like you’re not really hitting the mark, you might need to start letting go of fashion and embracing... Read more »

Why Our Trade-In Sale Is So Important

Davelle Clothiers has been in business for 27 years, and this year marks our 22nd annual Trade-In Sale. The sale is one of our biggest events of the year, and it’s certainly the most important in terms of our commitment to giving back to the community. The event started from a simple concept: a lot... Read more »

4 Big Reasons to Update Your Work Wardrobe

For a lot of men, their work wardrobe requirements don’t change much from year to year. It’s usually suit-and-tie, with the occasional business-casual outfit, and as long as you have those basics covered, you’re fine. That said, if you’ve been coasting along with the same few outfits for several years now, here are some reasons... Read more »

Why Get Rid of Old Clothes When They Still Fit?

A well-assembled wardrobe represents an investment in terms of both effort and money. It took a lot to put those looks together, and those clothes probably still fit, so you should keep them as long as you can to get the most out of them, right?  Not necessarily. Here are a few things to think... Read more »

How to Master the Art of Layering

Believe it or not, fall is officially here, and although the temperatures are still pretty warm at the moment, very soon it’ll be time to bundle up. In these transition months, it’s important to be prepared for a variety of weather conditions, which can be tricky if you always want to look your best. Here... Read more »

The Essential Suits Every Man Should Have

How many suits does a man actually need? The answer depends on how well you plan things out. Of course you can have as many suits as you like, if you have an endless budget and closet space, but bigger isn’t necessarily better when it comes to the size of your wardrobe. Closet clutter is... Read more »

Taking Style Risks – How Far Should You Go?

“Do I want to play it safe?” This is one of the most important questions to ask yourself when it comes to defining and developing your personal style. The problem is, the question of whether you want to play it safe often gets misinterpreted as a choice between being an individual, versus blending into the... Read more »

What Is Your Ideal Style Profile?

Have you ever looked at someone and made an assumption about them based on how they were dressed?  Sure, we all have – and whether we like it or not, people are constantly assessing who they think we are based on what we wear. The great thing is, you can guide people into seeing you... Read more »

How to Feel Good about Clearing Out Your Closet

“Isn’t a wardrobe edit a waste of money?” Recently we’ve been talking a lot about getting your closet ready for the fall and winter, and a lot of that means being brutally honest about what isn’t working in your wardrobe. Naturally, this leads to weeding out the clothes you aren’t (or shouldn’t be) wearing anymore.... Read more »

Top Style Themes to Keep in Mind This Fall

We may still be in the heat of the summer now, but before you know it we’ll be turning the corner into cooler temperatures and longer nights. This means that it’s the perfect time to start thinking about what sort of style statement you want to be making in the fall and winter, and here... Read more »