How to Look Sharp All Summer Long

The summer season is upon us, and for the next three months (at least!) the struggle to stay cool will very definitely be real.  During the rest of the year, dressing stylishly is a fun game where you can experiment with fabrics and assemble outfits with as many layers as you like. When the weather... Read more »

How to Streamline Your Suit Pockets

If you’re making a significant investment in your clothing, of course you’ll want your outfits to look their absolute best at all times. A lot of that comes down how your clothes fit and the lines that a proper fit creates, and bulging pockets can definitely disrupt those lines. Here are some ways that you... Read more »

The Dos and Don’ts of Wedding Attire

With wedding season under way and June brides and grooms popping up everywhere, it shouldn’t be a surprise if you get invited to a ceremony or two this summer. But what should you wear for the big day? Here are some guidelines to get you started. Do keep it elegant. Unless the invitation specifically insists... Read more »

3 Ways to Make the Most of Short Sleeve Season

It seems that summer is already here! You know what that means – time to break out the short sleeve shirts. For a lot of guys who normally wear suits to the office and go for a slightly more formal look, short sleeve shirts may be the one area where their wardrobes are a little... Read more »

Why You Should Appreciate Luxury Wool

There’s a misconception out there that wool is only for the wintertime, that it’s heavy, hot, and bulky. While you certainly can get heavier wool fabrics for winter clothing, wool comes in a variety of weights, and if you stick to the highest quality, you’ll have no problem sourcing light, breathable wool fabrics that are... Read more »

The Dos and Don’ts of Men’s Workplace Style

It used to be a simpler time, when a suit and tie was the only real option available to an office worker. These days, though, a lot of workplaces have a more casual dress code, or sometimes even no particular dress code at all. So how do you know what to wear to work? Here... Read more »

How the Right Advice Can Change Everything

When you’re taking your wardrobe to the next level, it’s important to have a strategy. Clothing is a significant investment, and naturally you want to make the most of that investment. But you can make all the decisions about your new clothes yourself, right? After all, you’ve been dressing yourself for nearly your whole life,... Read more »

5 Ways to Learn to Love Clothes Shopping

It’s no secret – a lot of men simply don’t like shopping for clothes. This can lead to some boring or even unfortunate style choices, like buying a pair of jeans on clearance and a three-pack of plain cotton t-shirts and wearing them over and over until they have holes in them. If you know... Read more »

Why Reputation and Professionalism Matter

There is literally nothing more personal than your own body.  There can be a lot of internal opinions and emotional history tied in with how you feel about yourself physically, and those feelings have a habit of popping up frequently when you’re shopping for clothing.  It seems obvious, therefore, that you’d want to choose professional... Read more »

5 Reasons to Develop Your Own Personal Style

We all see what happens every few months – celebrities and magazines start showing off selected new looks for the upcoming season, and within a week or two, everyone on the street is wearing those exact same items. At the beginning of the next season, it all happens again, and whatever you were wearing last... Read more »