5 Reasons to Develop Your Own Personal Style

We all see what happens every few months – celebrities and magazines start showing off selected new looks for the upcoming season, and within a week or two, everyone on the street is wearing those exact same items. At the beginning of the next season, it all happens again, and whatever you were wearing last... Read more »

Are All Bespoke Suits Created Equal?

Almost all of us carry electronic devices around in our pockets from which we can access the entirety of human knowledge. This means that whenever we have a purchasing decision to make, we tend to consult Google to find out what the experts are saying, what other people are buying, and what we think looks... Read more »

4 Tips to Go Bolder This Spring

As the warmer weather approaches (fingers crossed!), it’s time to ditch those heavier winter clothes and start thinking about what you’re going to wear during the spring and summer.  Are you just going to dig out the same few things you wear every spring, and stick with what you know?  Spring invites us to start... Read more »

Why Your Shirt Choice Is Important

It’s a regrettable sight seen all-too-often – a man takes off his tailor-made jacket to reveal a cheap, ill-fitting shirt. Maybe some effort was made to choose a shirt that would be “good enough” under the jacket, or some alterations were made to try to give a cheap shirt a tailored look, but somehow it’s... Read more »

Three Ways You Can Become a Style Icon Right Now

We’ve all seen “that guy” before: the man who is walking down the street looking like a million bucks, like he just stepped out of a fashion magazine.  He walks confidently, and with good reason, since he’s turning heads wherever he goes.  Everyone wants to be him.  But couldn’t you look like that, too?  Believe... Read more »

The Four Fs of Men’s Fashion, Part Four: Form

In the first three weeks of this series, we talked about the aspects of men’s fashion that focus around the clothing itself – fabric, fit, and fabrication. Today, in our final installment, we come to the most important factor, the whole reason that the concept of style exists in the first place: your body – ... Read more »

The Four Fs of Men’s Fashion, Part Three: Fabrication

In the earlier parts of this series on men’s fashion, we first talked about the significance of starting with quality fabrics, and then we moved on to the importance of proper fit.  The way we join those two aspects together brings us to our third topic, fabrication, or the way that suits are constructed. In... Read more »

The Four Fs of Men’s Fashion, Part Two: Fit

Last week in Part One, we talked about the role that fabric plays in building a strong style foundation.  This week, we move on to fabric’s greatest ally: fit.  Understanding why an exceptional fit is important to your image can really help you put the pieces together and see the bigger picture when it comes... Read more »

The Four Fs of Men’s Fashion, Part One: Fabric

Over the next four weeks we’re going to be discussing the foundational building blocks of men’s clothing, and there’s a reason why the first installment in this series is fabric.  Fabric is, without a doubt, the starting point from which everything else flows when it comes to creating the finest possible clothing.  If you start... Read more »

6 Helpful Tips for Traveling in Style

There’s no doubt that we all like to look as fresh as possible as often as possible.  If you’re a frequent traveler, however, then you’re probably all-too-familiar with the challenges of trying to preserve the state of your clothes during transit, so that you look your best when you arrive at your destination.  Whether you... Read more »