Your Pen Pal- Why you Need a Great Pen in a Digital World

Ironically, in a digital world it is still important to have a quality writing instrument. One way to make your communication stand out and ensure that it is actually read by the intended recipient is by going back to written (analog) communication. Taking the time to hand-write a business letter or a thank you note... Read more »

In the Spotlight, Clay Parcells “Dress the Part you Want to Become”

“It’s not about fashion so much as it is about looking put together.” Clay Parcells, Davelle Clothiers Customer Clay Parcells knows the importance of looking put-together. After all he coaches leaders for a living as the founder of Executive Leadership Performance LLC. Clay often advises clients how to get to the next level in their... Read more »

In the Spotlight, Greg Nardi “It’s all in the Details”

“First impressions are everything. If you look like a mess, sadly, you will be seen as ‘that guy.’  However, if you look put together, then the world sees you as that guy who has it all together.”  Greg Nardi, Davelle Clothiers Customer Greg Nardi understood he needed to look his best to excel in his... Read more »

Guest Expert- Five Things I Look for in a Good Pair of Shoes

Wondering how to walk a mile in those shoes?   Then who better to ask but an expert on Italian style, leather and shoes?   Here are five tips our expert guest blogger recommends to find the best style and fit for your feet. Aesthetics – “We Eat With Our Eyes First” The first thing... Read more »

Four Menswear Mistakes that can Cost you that Job

1. Dressing  inappropriately for the industry you are interviewing in  We get it.  If you are interviewing for a job in a more casual environment it is tempting to go casual.  A start-up obviously tends to have a very different vibe and style of dress than a more formal banking environment.  The best thing you... Read more »

Your Personal Brand- How to Use your Clothing to Say it Right

 You can’t afford to take a vacation day when it comes to your personal brand. Personal branding  has become a popular term, but what does it really mean and how do you determine your own personal brand?   Are you saying what you would like to and if not, is that affecting your success in achieving... Read more »