What is Power Casual?

How we are redefining our sportier looks to exude power. We get it, you want to dress down and now with many careers, it is possible to bring casual Friday to the rest of the work week.  So, no tie required, right?  Well, the answer is no.  The personal power that wearing a tie brings... Read more »

Our Bodies Are Not “Off the Rack”

“We were truly surprised and amazed at how the garment fit without looking too tight or too baggy” A True Client Case Study in Custom As individuals one of the things we can pride ourselves on is the fact that we are all wonderfully genetically unique.   While our DNA plays a large role there are... Read more »

Why What you Wear Matters- As Told by Guest Blogger Matt Carrai

This blog post was written by Matt Carrai, freelance writer, digital content creator, and long-time Davelle customer.  As a young man rising in his career, Matt gives his perspective of why what you wear matters.   I remember the first compliment I got on a suit. And by the way I mean real compliment. Not... Read more »

Why We Love a Well Dressed Man, Leading Ladies Tell All

Recently, at an Oscar Winners Award’s Ceremony, it was proclaimed that if you want to be a leading man, you have to dress like one. Hollywood got that right.  Dressing like a leading man isn’t just for actors, though. Any man desiring to be a leader in his personal and professional life needs to know how to dress... Read more »

It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye

Since our big announcement in April, we’ve been hearing from customers old and new, from near and far. It’s been a mixed reaction to the news that we’re opening a new store this summer. We’ve gotten excited congratulations all around, along with a lot of sadness over saying goodbye to the current store. I feel... Read more »

Trunk Club- Flashy Fad or Fundamental Fashion Shift?

We’re seeing and hearing a lot these days about various versions of the trunk club concept.  Clothing for men and women, and now even pets can get on board with Barkbox, a monthly customized box of “toys, treats and gadgets”. We’re frequently asked our opinion and lately have had several customers share their experiences. The... Read more »

Moving Sale Continues with Further Discounts

Our Moving Sale continues, now with further discounts on your favorite designers!  Look for the same yellow, green, and blue dots, but now with discounts from 30%-60% off! Given our extensive inventory, there are still many amazing garments available!  We hand select all items with our customers needs in mind, so you know that each... Read more »

New Store Construction Update

The New Davelle Clothier Store is taking shape! Work continues at the site of the new Davelle Clothiers.We love checking in and seeing all the progress being made. Our vision is one step closer every day! Everything continues to be on schedule for opening this summer.  The new location is just around the corner in... Read more »