6 Helpful Tips for Traveling in Style

There’s no doubt that we all like to look as fresh as possible as often as possible.  If you’re a frequent traveler, however, then you’re probably all-too-familiar with the challenges of trying to preserve the state of your clothes during transit, so that you look your best when you arrive at your destination.  Whether you... Read more »

Get Ready for the Biggest Date Night of the Year!

Yes gentlemen, it’s that time again… Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.  You’ve probably already got some plans in mind for that evening – the restaurant, the flowers, or perhaps a more special gift – but have you thought about what you’re going to wear?  Sometimes we get so focused on what we’re buying... Read more »

How a Tie Can Really Tie It All Together

It seems like such a simple thing on the surface – a length of eye-catching, high-quality patterned silk, worn around the collar of a shirt.  There’s not much to it, right?  The impact that a tie has on your overall look, however, should never be underestimated.  The right tie is as essential to your style... Read more »

How to Move Past Outdated Clothes

It’s surprising how much emotion we can attach to what we wear and the clothes we have in our wardrobes.  In practical terms, clothes represent an investment of both time and money that we don’t want to throw away, but there can also be a lot of sentimentality and happy memories involved.  These factors sometimes... Read more »

The Basic Dos and Don’ts of a Wardrobe Makeover

If you’ve set a goal to look better and feel better in the new year, there are bound to be many questions floating around in your head about where to start when it comes to weeding out your wardrobe and moving forward with a bold new style.  Here are some tips to get you on... Read more »

So What’s the Big Deal about Fabric?

If you come into our store, you’re going to hear a lot of talk about fabric, and you may be wondering what all the fuss is about.  The short answer is that when it comes to quality clothing, fabric is everything.  But if you’re still having trouble justifying the investment, and are wondering if you... Read more »

Five Ways to Make a Bold Style Statement in 2018

So the new year is finally here, and I think it’s safe to say that we’ve all looked forward to this opportunity for a fresh start.  If you’re feeling like it’s time to get back to basics and rebuild yourself from the ground up, here are a few things you can do to bolster your... Read more »

New Year, New You – It’s More than Just a Cliché

We’re all familiar with (and probably guilty of) the bold, over-ambitious new year’s resolution that somehow always gets forgotten by the third week in January.  Losing a lot of weight or going from couch potato to super-fit athlete are probably the most common things people think they’re going to do, but they’re certainly not the... Read more »

What is the most important phenomenon about the holidays?

I love the movies and music, celebrating with neighbors, office parties, friends, touring festive neighborhoods and hearing what children ask Santa for. Davelle Clothiers is a work-place, but I love the sense of community with customers and employees. The atmosphere in the shop is festive! There are very expressive opinions about holiday songs and movies.... Read more »

How to Give Your Outfit That All-Important Wow Factor

Anyone can put on a suit and look great, but there’s a difference between simply looking great versus having a great look.  The distinction comes down to those who pay attention to detail, and that in turn comes down to the art of accessorizing. If you want a complete, polished look that makes a true... Read more »